Hello Rockland!

We’re Soul Flyte: Nyack’s first boutique AntiGravity® yoga and fitness studio and we couldn’t be happier to spread the incredible health benefits with Rockland County. We have 5 hammocks and are currently offering 2 classes per day and 1 on Sunday’s. Your feedback is SO important to us. If you like our class times, don’t like the class times, would like to see more classes or different times, then please reach out! We’re here to serve you. Below is an interview with founder of Soul Flyte, Shira Turkl-Rubin.
How did you get into AG yoga and fitness:
To be honest, my mom showed me the way! Don’t tell her I told you – but she’s in her 60’s and she’s flipping, swinging, hanging, laughing and having fun. So naturally I followed in her footsteps! She did the AG teacher training so you’ll definitely see her around the studio. Her name is Ruth and she’s a rockstar.
What’s your background?
I’ve taught traditional yoga for 5 years and it’s been extremely helpful with my belly issues, stress and anxiety. I have ulcerative colitis and have found that yoga, meditation, breath work and flipping upside down are essential to helping my body heal. I’m not on any medication, I’ve completely changed my diet and am feelin’ great! Of course I have my moments and yes, flares still occur, but right now in this very moment, I feel great. I write a personal blog: www.shiraturkl.com and I also wrote an e-book called The Fix Your Belly Blues Program that you can learn more about here.
Why AntiGravity®?
I needed a way to flip upside down without putting pressure on my neck and spine. My chiropractor/kinesologist kept yelling at me that my neck would never get better if I kept practicing headstand. I found an alternative and now my neck is happy, my spine is long and my body gets to flip safely.
There are other forms of aerial yoga out there, Why did you choose AntiGravity®?
Because AntiGravity® is the best! They’ve done countless hours of research on every single pose, put the time in to train their teachers safely and properly for hours on end. AntiGravity® knows the benefits, risks and dangers of this technique inside and out - I trust it and so should you!
Any comments to your future students?
Yes! AntiGravity® is for every body, shape, size and any fitness level. If you relax your mind and let the hammock hold you, you’ll be flying in no time. Come to Soul Flyte with an open mind and be ready for something new – you’ll love it. I also want to mention that we offer private and semi-private AG classes as well as private and semi-private traditional classes. All you have to do is reach out at: hello@soulflyte.com and we’ll be happy to set you up. Can’t wait to fly with you!