Meet Emyli - Our Rockin' Soul Flyte Instructor

Emyli - AGY Instructor

Meet Emyli Ziangos - the newest addition to the Soul Flyte team! We're so excited to add her to our schedule of classes. She's a rockin' teacher, so don't miss the opportunity to take her class - sign up NOW! Here's an interview telling you a little bit more about her. See you at the studio!

How did you get into AG yoga and fitness:

I fell in love with AG yoga and fitness after the first class! I love the way it fuses the aerial arts, yoga and fitness giving it all a new twist!  It allows me to make an even deeper mind-body connection and I realize now that I can do more with my flexibility and strength than I ever thought possible!

What’s your background?

I have about a decade of experience in aerial movement through Pole Fitness. It was a natural transition to go from a static vertical bar to a free flowing silk hammock. In my past life I was in corporate America, but couldn't be happier now, teaching this incredible movement!

 Why AntiGravity®?

It gives new meaning to the phrase "being present". Being enveloped in the hammock, allows one to re-connect to the body and the present moment. I love the support that the hammock gives to my spine while inverted and how it allows me to find my center. Plus, you're able to defy gravity, what's better than that?!

There are other forms of aerial yoga out there, Why did you choose AntiGravity®?

Going through several levels of training myself, I know AntiGravity® is the real deal! They have spent many years perfecting this fitness technique and have intense teacher training programs to insure that all of their teachers are skilled to help each of you fly safely, have fun and get fit!!

 Any comments to your future students?

The best part of AntiGravity® is that it's for every body, shape, size and fitness level! You will be inspired by those around you as there is no judgement or competition in AntiGravity® Yoga and Fitness. Once you've had your first "flyte", you will be "head over heels"! See for yourself and come fly with us at Soul Flyte!

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