Student Spotlight: Ashley


This month we’re doing a spotlight on one of our regulars at Soul Flyte, Ashley. She has been to the studio a bunch of times and we thought she’d be a perfect fit to answer some of our questions. See her short interview below. If you’d like to be in the spotlight at Soul Flyte – firstly come to class and secondly let us know you want to be featured!

How did you find out about Soul Flyte? I found out about Soul Flyte through Instagram believe it or not just searching yoga poses!

What’s something you can't live without? The ability to capture memories - I love anything that will take a good picture (& family and friends, of course!)

What brought you to try your first class at SF? After seeing the first picture and then exploring your Instagram and website, I just knew it was something I wanted to try. It looked like a blast!

What’s your favorite time of day? I'm a morning person, for sure; but sunsets never cease to amaze me!

Do you have a favorite pose at SF? I love all inversions - anything where I can hang upside down makes me happy! Spider-Man, Dew drop, etc.

What’s the best meal you've eaten? Grilled chicken with balsamic glaze, pureed cauliflower & asparagus… Yum! 

Favorite thing about coming to Soul Flyte? The atmosphere is great and it gets me out of my mind and allows me to focus on the present and myself for an hour or so.

Would you recommend it to others? YES, yes and YES!!!

Favorite/best place you've traveled to: That's a toss up between Italy and Costa Rica; both places are amazing in their own ways! <3

Anything else you want to share? Both teachers at SF are absolute sweethearts and the studio is cozy and welcoming!