Newest Instructor: Leigh LaBrake!

We are beyond excited to welcome the lovely Leigh LaBrake into our teaching community. She will be starting to teach in March, so please look for her name and check out her classes soon! To start, she'll be teaching Soul Flow on Wednesday's at 4pm and Fundamentals on Sunday's at 4pm. Check out our interview with her below:

 How did you get into AG yoga and fitness:

I had seen other people trying it, and when I learned there was a place in Nyack, Soul Flyte, I had to try it. I went just hoping to have fun, but ended up finding that it helped my chronic back pain. I left with my back feeling absolutely wonderful. Knowing that I had a blast and that it was having such a positive effect, I kept trying out different classes at Soul Flyte. I was hooked!

What’s your background?

I grew up playing softball, field hockey, and skiing/snowboarding. While in grad school for Art Education, I found roller derby and shortly after CrossFit. I am a high school art teacher, a certified Level 1 and CrossFit Kids trainer, a 200 Hour RYT and now an AntiGravity trained instructor! I love staying active and finding new ways to keep my body moving.

 Why AntiGravity®?

I love practicing inversions, but having the zero compression that AntiGravity provides allows my spine to really decompress. I love the feeling of flying and being suspended in the air. The variety of ways to use the hammock, the poses, and the benefits you receive from adding an AntiGravity practice has been incredible for my body and my peace of mind.

 Any comments to your future students?

Trust yourself and the hammock and have the courage to try something new, because you will more often than not surprise yourself. Come "hang" out!