Lunar Magic by Jenevieve

As the snow continues to, once again, come down, I can't help but feel the excitement of warmer weather around the corner. This month's "Worm" moon, (that was full at 1:05pm today) symbolizes the ground thawing and earthworm casts reappearing thus inviting the return of robins and... spring! The magic of the moon is a beautiful thing, creating the ebb and flow of the oceans and tides and much more. All life forms have cycles of birth, growth, death, and renewal that mirror the lunar cycles.

Month after month women's menstrual cycles mimic the moon cycle "coincidentally" lasting 28 days. If you are like me, you tend to feel a little crazier around the full moon. When the moonlight is at it's fullest we tend to be more prone to accidents and injuries, so it's a good idea to take it slow and be gentle with ourselves and others. The full moon, by nature, rules feminine aspects such as our emotional self, allowing us to shed layers that are no longer serving us. Finally! moving forward into spring, It's good to try and release any part of you that feels heavy or is not benefiting you anymore.

In honor of today's lunar magic, try to become aware of the energy that's building and transform it positively. 

Written by Jenevieve Louise, Soul Flyte Staff