Blog Take Over

Let's roll: Blogger for life

Let's roll: Blogger for life

Thank you for your support throughout these past couple of years! Soul Flyte has grown to a point where we can no longer fit into our small studio. In a few months we will be moving into a larger space with 2 studios, a boutique and a couple of treatment rooms. The possibilities are endless for our new space and we are ECSTATIC!

I’ve worked so hard at making our community the best one around town, and I know it’s paid off. I’ve witnessed our students becoming life long friends together, how magical.

As many of you know, I suffer from ulcerative colitis (UC) for many years now and I’ve found a way to cope so that I don’t need to take medication on a daily basis. It hasn’t been easy - there have been hiccups and flare ups, but ultimately I am healthy. Yoga, meditation, diet and AntiGravity have been a huge help for me. I wrote a blog for many years about UC, diet, recipes and other happenings in my life at: and now I’m taking over the Soul Flyte blog. Here you’ll find lots of posts not only about the studio, but also about my life, our instructors lives and things happening around Nyack. Looking forward to sharing with you!

Cheers to your health,