Your Guide to Nyack Restaurants + Shops

Cocooning in the middle of Nyack Street Fair

Cocooning in the middle of Nyack Street Fair

Why did I choose Nyack to open Soul Flyte? Because it’s AWESOME! Nyack is a cute river town with lots of amazing local shops, restaurants, yoga and aerial yoga studios – why wouldn’t we start here? Here are some of my favorite places in town. If you haven’t visited yet, what are ya waiting for? There’s even a cute new boutique hotel that recently opened called The Time Hotel, so if you’re an out-of-towner then you won’t have to worry about where to stay.

Art Café: a cute Israeli café serving up delicious, organic breakfast, lunch and even dinner too! I Love their space and if it’s warm out – sitting outside is a real treat. They have good coffee and tea, since I don’t drink coffee - and if you eat pastries, then yep, they have those too!

Soul Flyte: My pride and joy! We’ll have an awesome boutique very soon for you to come check out! Stay tuned for more on this and about the new classes we'll be adding soon!

8 North Broadway: Local, farm to table type of restaurant serving lunch and dinner daily and brunch on the weekends. The food is yummy. If they have it on the menu, try the branzino, it’s delicious! They change the menu with the seasons so definitely give it a try.

True Foods: A great place to grab organic breakfast, lunch or dinner. They have hot food to go, which comes in handy when there isn’t enough time in the day to cook dinner. It’s more low key then the others but the food is quality and I heard they just opened a market next door! Worth checking out.

Sweat Peas: It’s a health food store that also has hot food and soups for lunch as well as a cold section, juices and smoothies. There’s a little sitting area up front so that you can grab your food and stay for a while. They have yummy kombucha and good yogurts if that’s your type of thing.

OD’S Tavern: This used to be a local watering hole and is now turned into an organic, gluten free friendly, paleo friendly restaurant with a bar too of course! The owner, Diane is super sweet and the food is full of comfort and deliciousness.

65main: A new restaurant serving up tapas style dinner items. Not sure if they offer lunch yet because I’ve only been there once so far, it was tasty though. There’s typically live music playing, which is a huge plus!

Casa Del Sol: Mexican restaurant that’s yummy! They have live music many nights of the week, check their website for more info.

Nyack Library: I love to go here when I want some quiet time but don’t want to be in my house. In the old section there’s a room that feels like an office, but anyone can go into it to do work – I just love it! It feels like my own private office – I hate to give away my secret….. but happy if it can help someone else. There’s wifi too!

Saffron: An adorable store featuring items from around the globe. They have amazing furniture with a rustic, Indian, Indonesian feel. I love this place! Don’t miss it.

Maria Luisa: Another cute shop with women’s clothing, shoes and also a little kids section. Worth checking out if you’re in the area.

Crystals On The Rocks: A crystal shop with knowledgeable staff, bracelets, gemstones, incense and so much more. It’s really fun to browse in there.

Sanctuary: They have women’s clothing as well as other knick knacks like dream catchers, incense, candles, books, etc.

There are lots of other stores in town to check out, but I can’t name them all here! This post would be way too long! Come visit – even in the wintertime! If you bundle up you can go on a hike nearby or walk around the huge mall that’s super close. One thing to keep in mind, most stores in Nyack are CLOSED on Mondays year round. See you soon!

Xo, Shira