When The Going Gets Tough: Go Inside

Sometimes people come to me telling me about all sorts of things: a belly ache, a weird bump on their arm, a pain in the neck, or eczema, etc. and the reason they’re coming to me is because they’ve gone to their doctor and nothing came of it. There was nothing “clinically” wrong with them. But clearly something is happening since they have this bump, pain or whatever else it might be.

I always turn to what’s going on inside. Lots of times doctors will focus on the immediate issue, for example if you have eczema they’ll give you a topical cream – but between you and me, it’s more of an internal issue and most of the time doctors won’t tell you that.

My first few questions are the obvious, have you changed anything in your diet recently, laundry detergent, soap, household items? Foods? If the answer is no then we start looking at what’s going on in their life. Are they more stressed then usual? Typically the answer is yes and then we have something to work with.

I always recommend watching everything that goes into their mouth for a while (because that’s something you CAN control) - since inflammatory foods won’t help the situation. Then we add more greens, drink lots of water, flush out the system – maybe even add wheat grass, green juices, green smoothies, bone broth, and some other awesome tid bits that I’ll touch on in another post.

The point of this post today is to tell you to look at the bigger picture. With whatever is going on for you – belly pain, neck pain, bumps – many times it’s the same situation. The body is overly stressed and is pushing out the negativity in it’s own funny way. Work on de-stressing with yoga, meditation, hanging upside in an aerial yoga class, whatever floats your boat!

I know how intense the holidays can be for many people. Please take care of yourself. More then anything in the world, that’s the most important.

With so much love from your friend in Nyack,