Couchmaggedon 2017: how I naturally healed my cold

My couch buddy!

My couch buddy!

I just came off of a terrible cold, which I named: couchmaggedon 2017. I literally couldn’t get off the couch for 1 whole week. The following week I was still very low energy and still had to take it easy. Now I’m left with an annoying cough that’s slowly getting better day-by-day. I didn’t use medication… so what did I do?!

First things first, I didn’t freak out. I succumbed to the fact that I had a bad cold, needed to rest and cancelled my schedule. I had a really bad throat ache so I was monitoring it because if I thought I had strep for any second I would have gone to the Dr. I didn’t see any dots on the back of my throat though, so I was in the clear to go about my natural ways.

Everyday I woke up and boiled a pot of peppermint tea. I made a tent over my head with a towel and breathed in the steam from the peppermint tea. This helped to open my sinuses and clear congestion. Gross stuff would come up, which was good! I also used peppermint essential oil all over my sinuses, your eyes will tear so do this while lying down. Then I made myself tea with lemon, lots of grated ginger and manuka honey. I drank that all day. Even though I felt like crap, I went outside everyday for some fresh air.

Drink chicken soup/broth everyday! On the day that felt the worst, I felt like it was never ending and that I would never feel better – Chad looked in one of our natural healing books and read about bee propolis for the throat. I remember my mom used to give this to me when I was a kid and had an ear or throat ache. We had some at home so I tried it. Since propolis coats the throat, I literally felt relief right away. I continued to take one full dropper every hour for the whole day. That was my savior. 

I used the neti pot, which apparently ended up making things worse. I later found out that if you put too much salt in, it could actually dry you out too much and hurt your sinuses even more! Ouch… I got a toothache, which I thought was weird. SO I asked my dentist Uncle if it’s possible to get a toothache from coughing too much – he said yes, that sinuses are also related and that I should stop using the neti pot. So I gargled with salt water instead. The next day I felt better! What a journey…

Every night before bed I took a hot bath with salts, put tiger balm on my chest to help break up my cough and an immune essential oil roller bottle on my feet with socks. The essential oils in it are: rosemary, orange, clove, cinnamon & eucalyptus.

I also took different herbal remedies. Specifically Urban Moonshine throat spray, Wellness formula, cold and flu formula and throat syrup: elderberry with thyme and another one: wild cherry bark syrup. At night to help me sleep sometimes I took Tylenol with codeine to suppress the cough. If you can’t sleep, you can’t heal. Sleep is the most important thing when you’re sick - find any way to make it happen.

Hope you can use some of these tips when you’re sick. Western medicine sure is a miracle, but studies show it prolongs your cold and doesn’t heal you. Think of it more as a band aid. Use herbs, teas, etc. to actually heal you faster, your immune system will get stronger this way.