New Teacher: Kiara Mignone

How exciting to start off as a student at Soul Flyte and work your way up to a teacher! Kiara has done just that. She is now a registered yoga teacher and AntiGravity teacher as well! She's excited to get you flying high starting Sunday 4/23 at 11am. Join her then!

How did you get into AG yoga and fitness?

The name Soul Flyte called to me in a time of my life that I was looking to elevate my soul and mental state. Enter Soul Flyte, a warm studio filled with amazing hammocks, amazing instructors, and an amazing community to go along with it. After practicing for a while, I decided the next step in my practice was to learn how to teach others how to fly, and to share the joy that is AntiGravity and Soul Flyte with others.

What’s your background?

I am a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher, an artist, and a singer.

Why AntiGravity®?

AntiGravity is such a warm and loving group of people.  This community is filled to the brim with love, knowledge, and acceptance. This is what I align with through my journey throughout life - it makes complete sense why AntiGravity stood out above the rest. The "real McCoy" shines bright.

Any comments to your future students?

Meet yourself where you are, Soul Flyte is a warm loving space, that will help you through your exciting aerial journey. I will be there to assist you in flight, making sure you are kept safe, and given the tools to shine as brightly as you can!! "Be safe, Have fun, kick ass- in that order!" - Christopher Harrison.  Fly High!