We couldn't be more excited to welcome our newest Barre instructor - MABEL MODRONO! Mabel’s love of barre started while performing on Broadway, and has been teaching barre for over 7 years, even through the birth of her baby! Check out her interview below and sign up - don't miss her first class THIS MONDAY May 8 @ 6pm!

How did you get into Barre fitness? 
I was recovering from an injury, and I saw an advertisement of a barre class in the newspaper. I went and took it, and was very sore, and I must say hooked from then on!! It gave me a strength to return back to dance.

What’s your background?
I was born in Havana, Cuba. I started dancing when I was 10 with my twin sister. My background is dance, having had a professional dancing career of 25 years.

Why Barre?
Because it uses the muscles dancers use, and even though I don't dance anymore, this workout makes me feel as if I do.

Any comments to your future students?
Take my class, and your posture will improve because you will find your core, your muscles throughout your body will take shape. You'll feel at least an inch taller, and all the stronger for it!! I'll guide you with the grace and energy that has led me to become a principal ballerina.