We couldn't be more excited to welcome Shannon onto our teaching staff at Soul Flyte! There's nothing like adding some new teachers to an already awesome group of rockstar instructors. Catch her on the schedule on Sunday's at 9:30am. She officially starts on October 7th! Sign up and show your support. Learn more about her in this interview below:

How did you get into fitness?

I was always involved in a sport growing up - I was a swimmer through college and, after I stopped swimming competitively, I was constantly looking for a new fitness routine. I like to mix up my fitness routine - sometimes I swim, do barre, restorative yoga, and of course I always mix in yoga and antigravity!

What’s your background?

I started teaching yoga in 2015, and until this year, I worked full time and taught on the side. I have an advanced degree in international affairs and thought I had to use it - but since January, I've only been teaching and I've never been happier!

Why yoga?

I started practicing yoga to relieve stress as a grad student, and it quickly became my go to exercise and a place where I could truly release. When I miss a day on my mat, I can feel that in my body and mind, I need that time on my mat to reconnect to my breathe and body.

Any comments to your future students?

Listen to your body and let go of the fear. I try and create a supportive and safe environment in all of my classes so that students can be comfortable taking pauses when they need to, but also encouraging to want to push themselves to try something new.