Halloween in June?

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I’ve been organizing myself to do more things on my days off: new things, old things, all sorts of things! I’ve gotten back into running, or what most would call walk jogging, haha. I’m also trying to fill my schedule with classes and get back into shape. I‘ve realized that being in shape for me is not about the body image but about physically feeling ‘good’. When I binge and hang on my couch I can feel my body stiffen up and somehow, I’m more tired than when I’m active. So this Friday I’m planning to try my first Stretch & Restore class with Shira at Soul Flyte in Nyack, NY. Hopefully I can also make the Yin Yoga class in the morning with Laurie, because I really LOVE that class after a long week of running around. This is one of Soul Flyte's mat yoga classes that’s open to all levels and it holds poses for much longer than you normally would. IT FEELS AMAZING and makes me super relaxed! Plus it helps to calm my overly active gemini mind.

This Friday June 30th, I’m going to a pretty cool event that Rivertown Film is putting on - it’s called: Historic Hauntings of Rockland. I’m excited for the evening that's being led by one of the region’s leaders in paranormal investigations. I don’t know about all of you but I love a great ghost story. Rockland County has a rich history of places where sightings have been reported. I can’t wait for the event! Friday will be a pretty epic day, join me!

Hope to see you this week at Soul Flyte and maybe even at the Rivertown event.