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Get to know the wonderful Mary Ramos — our newest Student Spotlight! Mary has shown a real dedication to her AntiGravity® yoga practice and experienced the growth and change in her life since practicing at the studio. Recently, we interviewed Mary to find out a little bit more about her and her experience at Soul Flyte - check it out!

How did you find out about Soul Flyte?
I had heard of one in the city. I thought there must be one in Rockland County; that was about two years ago. To my surprise, it's in my hometown of Nyack. I am still here.

What’s something you can't live without?
My children, grandchildren, besides sibling, family, friends, and of course Soul Flyte, their instructors and receptionist. It has become in some way a home with friends.
What brought you to try your first class at SF?
My injuries. Alleviating body mechanics. Because of the way it approaches body structure with the hammock. You are using your own body weight.
What’s your favorite time of day?
In the evening when I see my children and in the morning because it's a start of a new day.
Do you have a favorite pose at SF?
This question is one of the hardest to answer because all poses have some kind of pressure release. I could say for me it is when I am hanging upside down; it brings the child out of me.
What’s the best meal you've eaten?
This question brings me back to my childhood when I visited Puerto Rico in the town of Villalba - it’s located in the region northeast of Juana Diaz. My grandmother would make the simplest food like rice and beans with fried chicken and salad. Not even my mother’s cooking could measure up and believe me my mother’s cooking is awesome.
Favorite thing about coming to Soul Flyte?
Instructors welcoming you, embracing you, encouraging you, and being compassionate. The receptionist greets you like they knew you for a long time.
Would you recommend it to others?
I will recommend Soul Flyte to anyone who may have an injury or coming out of giving birth courses with the doctor's ok. I would encourage people of all ages, all sizes, male or female to come to Soul Flyte.
Favorite/best place you've traveled to:
This is a very difficult question to answer. Around the world, there are so many beautiful places to visit, but I would encourage anyone to go and visit Puerto Rico. It brings sweet memories to me. If I have convinced you, I would encourage you to visit all the little towns.
What's your favorite book? Movie?
Book: Everything Happens for a Reason: And other Lies I’ve Loved written by Kate Bowler
Movie: Hotel Transylvania - all of them.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
Soul Flyte! But the benefits outweighed the craziest. It’s a different way of workout. You are using your own body weight.

Anything else you want to share?
Soul Flyte is an awesome place to be at to workout. Excuse my bias. I speak for my experience working out here.