We’re so excited to introduce our newest Barre instructor - MOLLIE PRIEST! She'll be teaching Barre on Monday mornings at 8:30am. This awesome dancer, Mollie, fell in love with her first Barre class - then she got certified to teach it! Join her each week as she combines fitness, dance and yoga in her barre classes. Her first class will be on March 11th don’t miss it! Check out Mollie's interview below!

How did you get into fitness?

Personal fitness has always been a part of my life. I started dancing at a young age and continued all the way through college. After I graduated, I started teaching barre classes.

What’s your background?

I started dancing at a young age, learning ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary and hip hop. I graduated with a BA in Dance in 2012. After college, I trained and became a barre teacher.

Why barre?

I enjoy the results! Sculpted lean muscles, increased flexibility and range of motion. I love learning new exercises and really feeling my muscles working hard. I have fun in class, listening to the music and challenging myself to push a little further each time.

Any comments to your future students?

It’s your 60 minutes to let the outside world go away and focus on yourself. Let the music and the movement get you into your zone. Have some fun and know all the hard work you put into class, will payoff with some amazing results!