The Monday Struggle is Real

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We all deal with the Monday struggle - with the weekend ending and the beginning of the work week. Summer time makes it harder to get back into the groove. Starting your day/week off the right way will often set the tone for the rest of the your day/week. We all have our guilty pleasures and we all like to indulge a little (or a lot), but by setting your day off in a positive way it makes indulging guilt free.

Personally, my guilty pleasure is delicious food, so I always try my hardest to start my week off with a Barre class to work off my weekend indulgence. Nyack’s Boutique AntiGravity Aerial Yoga, Fitness & Barre Studio on Broadway, is just the ticket to getting a full workout in one place. Best part is, Mondays are packed with a full schedule and a range of classes for all levels and all different types of workouts. If you are like me and want to sweat it up and be wide awake for work, then the 8:30am Barre class is the way to do it. Too early for you? The next class at 9:30am is our AntiGravity Fitness class, which will also whip you into shape and help take some pressure off of your lower back and spine - (for advanced levels only.)

Come check out our awesome Aerial Yoga & barre studio, get into shape and fly into the work week the right way. The Monday struggle is real, but with the right state of mind and the opportunities at Soul Flyte, you can feel great all week long AND see the amazing changes it helps bring into your daily flow.

Signing off. Join me later for our after work classes starting at 6pm!




Father's Day in Nyack

Breakfast in Bed!

Breakfast in Bed!

There are so many awesome things to do with Dad everyday, but why not try something new for him and yourself? This can mean dog dads too! Today I decided to get together with my brother and his adorable puppy to grab brunch at the Hudson House in Nyack. Before brunch I thought we would try a first ever siblings Aerial yoga class at Soul Flyte, 13 South Broadway in Nyack, NY! The class was amazing and was exactly what I needed after a long work week of running around to get “summer ready.”

Speaking of getting “summer ready” - thanks to the barre classes at Soul Flyte, I am feeling great about all the cute new bikinis I just got in the mail! I can definitely say that those classes are a FULL BODY workout and will get you working on all parts of your body that you didn’t realize were even there before!

Signing off now, and heading to eat some awesome food! Join me later tonight for the 5:30pm AntiGravity Fundamentals class, everyone welcome!