Sign up for Your first Soul Flyte Class

Whether you’re interested in picking up barre or interested in a new yoga experience, Soul Flyte makes it easy to get integrated into one of our introductory classes. Take a look at our options below and find out what works best for you!


Antigravity Yoga

This introductory class is perfect for first timers as well as those who are already acquainted with the hammock. We’ll practice a series of exercises on the floor as well as suspended in the silk fabric hammock. You'll learn how to invert with zero compression on your spine, as well as use the hammock to stretch, lengthen, flip, twist and swing. Most importantly, you'll have fun!



In this full body, low impact workout, we’ll use light weights, isometric movements, body weight and the use of a stationary bar to tone, lift and sculpt your arms, legs, booty, abs and so much more! We fuse pilates, yoga and ballet for an all out intense workout that will leave you feeling incredibly strong and fit. All levels welcome.