I’ve been practicing AntiGravity® yoga with Shira for a while now. My body feels open and a lot more stretched out then it ever has before. I also love Crossfit and found that this is a great compliment since CF makes my muscles tight and AG helps open me up. Loving it. Can’t wait to see the new studio and practice with like minded folks. Thanks for showing me the way Shira.
— CR, Rockland County, NY

Soul Flyte is the best thing that has happened to my cervical spine, ever. Thanks to my good friend who gave aerial yoga a try, I learned about Soul Flyte and quickly tried my first Restorative Class with Shira and was hooked. Suffering from chronic back and neck pain that caused me terrible migraines since 2008, I never thought I’d be able to live without taking pain meds and muscle relaxers. I’ve been to massage therapy, PT, the chiropractor, and nothing has helped my neck and back like this. I have been going to Soul Flyte for a little less than 2 months now and I have noticed a SIGNIFICANT improvement in the way I feel and have noticed myself needing to take less and less medication. Needless to say, I am hooked. I regularly attend classes and as someone who was more of a gym rat and not a yogi, I can tell you I am so happy I had an open mind because I never thought I could get into yoga. The Restorative classes with Ruth and Shira are a wonderful and relaxing way to destress and get rid of anxiety. The fundamentals, decompression sessions, and flying fitness classes with Shira, Jenevieve, and Emyli are fun and uplifting ways to stretch, tone up, and allow your mind and body to re-energize and be in the moment. The studio is clean, warm, and cozy in Nyack, NY and the community of “flyers” and instructors are friendly, supportive, and encouraging. Definitely give Soul Flyte a try, you won’t regret it!
— Crissy K.

I had been wanting to try anti-gravity yoga for awhile now and just found a studio right in my neighborhood! I took my first class last night with Emily and absolutely loved it...the instruction was helpful and the class was so much fun that you forget that you’re getting a great workout. I will definitely be back!
— Nicole H.

I took my first class there this past week with Ruth. It was amazing my body feels rejuvenated and my back is feeling better than ever. I recommend this place to anyone who needs an hour just to relax and really get in touch with your body and soul. I will definitely be attending more classes in the near future.
— Brittany L.

My body and soul’s favorite treat is in fact...Soul Flyte. My experiences with Soul Flyte have been nothing short of amazing. The space is clean and warm, Shira makes you feel comfortable and welcomed, and the workout keeps you wanting more! Get your flight time in, your spine will love you!
— Emily P.

Think of yoga and the peace and freedom it brings you.... Now think of it in a hammock, feeling like you are flying in savasana. Its transcendental! The teachers at this beautiful studio guide you through this uplifting experience.... Oh man so worth it!! Im hooked!
— Dr. Phil P.

Took the beginners class it was amazing!! it looks much scarier than it really is... With instruction from Jena I was a pro by the end of the class she was sweet, extremely informative and helpful i love the acrobatic poses and the weightless feeling i felt like p!nk at the grammys will definitely be returning just an amazing experience and the instructor is like a ray of sunshine.
— Henry M.

Just took SUCH a great fundamentals class with Kate. She was patient and very clear in explaining everything. The first class is complimentary, but you’ll surely be back for more. Already planning my next one! My spine feels great, body is rejuvenated. Looking forward to going back.
— Talia B.

I went for my first class at Soul Flyte this week with a friend who goes often and I was so nervous at first but now I’m obsessed! My instructor, Emyli, was absolutely incredible. I have never done anti-gravity yoga and was (naturally) terrified that I would fall or not get the hang of it. With the help of my wonderful instructor and extremely encouraging classmates, I was able to break out of my shell and accomplish so much more than I would have ever thought for my first time. Emyli really made me comfortable throughout the entire class and was my biggest cheerleader when I got nervous with trying new poses. I left feeling like I was on top of the world! I am already booked for my next class this weekend and am bringing another friend (free class for referring a new guest)! The people are great. The energy is amazing. Soul Flyte is nothing short of spectacular. In this studio, the only way you’ll fall is in love!
— Maja

If you’ve never tried anti-gravity (or aerial) yoga - you have to try it! It’s an awesome way to switch up your regular yoga practice. Even if you are a yoga novice you will love how it decompresses your spine and is a really great workout. The studio is small and impeccably clean and cute. My husband and I both loved it!
— Rebecca P.

Wow! I went to my first Soul Flyte class tonight. I had an absolutely amazing class taking the AntiGravity Fundamental class. I have to say it was one of the best overall experiences for a beginner! The instructor was incredible patient and in tuned to my needs. Offered plenty of constructive feedback and help. I cannot wait to go back next week! Thank you very much for the enlightening experience.
— Amy Lee

I LOVED IT! The feeling of suspension, playful stretching, swinging, cradling yourself... and last by not least.... that relaxation moment...when in your cocoon...you just ARE! Thank you Shira!
— Maria Elena Baez-Dominguez

Shira has created a space where students feel comfortable, confident, safe and free! She is by far the most knowledgable and experienced antigravity instructor in the area!
— Jamie Surya

Tried this yesterday..easier than it looks and a blast!!
— Suzy Marie

Awesome class last night. Excellent step by step instruction and hands on adjustments. So fun and freeing. Felt so much lighter and open after class. Then back to gravality. Can’t wait to go again.
— Ilene Pellecchia

Sooo loved this class! Even the special attention we received because of how intimate classes were!
— Sabrina Sanz

Awesome class loved every minute can wait to go back!!! Thank you!
— Paulette Viana

Tonight was my very first aerial yoga class and I cannot wait to go back! I feel relaxed, decompressed, and accomplished after flipping, flying, and stretching. What a wonderful space and addition to my life!
— Dara Joy

LOVE this! The two classes I’ve taken have been fabulous. I feel so much taller afterward.
— Shereen Way

What a great experience it was taking a class at Soulflyte! Shira is patient teacher, an inspiring leader, and a calming presence. This was my first antigravity class and definitely won’t be my last. Can’t wait to come back for more high flying fun!
— Alexandra Jane

Tonight was my first experience with antigravity yoga and it was so much fun! Shira was very knowledgeable, created a safe environment and then taught me how to fly!!
— Katie Dharani

I had my first class today. It was wonderful. Everything was broken down to simple to understand steps. I have two herniated discs that give me pretty consistent pain, and my back felt absolutely amazing by the end of class! I can’t wait to go back.
— Leigh LaBrake

Soul Flyte is amazing! I’m so happy I came across it. The instructors are welcoming and really want you to have fun, while staying safe. The space is small and intimate and just has a great atmosphere.. I would recommend EVERYONE to try it, you won’t regret it! :)
— Ashley Caputo

LOVED IT. Was in town from California and thought what better treat for my Moms 73rd birthday than to have her experience the joy of being upside down, for the first time in her life. At first I was hesitant, but Shira assured me that her Dad is 70, and the restorative class would be perfect for her. I’m proud to say we both loved the class, loved being upside down, and felt taller immediately after class once back on our feet. Who needs elevator shoes!? Shira’s an inspiring and compassionate teacher full of contagious energy. Can’t think of a better way to spend Monday evening.
— Joel Sprechman

My first day flying with Shira and I’m ready for more!! Shira is amazing. Patient and providing one-on-one care to everyone participating in her class. See you soon!! My Soul is ready to Soar!
— Nathalia Bosquet

This is my second week participating in classes at Soul Flyte. Shira is an amazing instructor who has a fun spirit. Each person gets special attention to make sure you’re comfortable and confident in the hammocks while teaching you to trust (you, her and the new experience). You won’t be disappointed. Thank you Shira!
— Faith Essence Smash

Best day for me and my ladies. Emily was the best instructor.
— Theresa O'Halloran

Shira has created a warm, safe space that makes her students confident throughout class. Her adjustments and the individual attention she gives are seamless and so helpful! The supportive environment she has created results in a willingness to try new things, and in being amazed at what your body can do. Love, love, love Soul Flyte!
— Stephanie Lisa

Emily has me hooked on Soul Flyte each class is amazing, and you learn something new each time. I always feel so relaxed after each class. The classes are great for your mind, body and soul.
— Cynthia Andrea

Shira was a gentle, teaching angel at my first ‘fundamentals’ class! I didn’t really know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised at what I was able to do. Shira made me look good, I am officially hooked!.
— Mary White

Had my first class and first antigravity experience at Soul Flyte. I walked away feeling taller and more aligned, and with a more calm and confident attitude. The atmosphere was relaxed and not intimidating in the least, and the studio was beautiful! Shira really made the class exceptional. Will definitely be spreading the word and returning soon!
— Nicole Marie Green

Shira’s great and the sessions addicting. I can actually hear my spine “popping” free.
— Debbie Wilen

Just attended my first fundamental class and it was fantastic. Shira is a great teacher; warm, supportive and gives clear directions. I Look forward to more classes in the future!
— Elyse Hradecky

Thank you to Shira for bringing Soul Flyte on the road to our Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America support group Fairfield/Westchester chapter. We learned how to breathe with our belly and some great ways to stretch our pains away!
— Adam Ace

What an experience! At times serene, at times fun, at times perspective shifting and exhilarating! Will definitely come again!
— Jeni Pepper

It was amazing! My closest experience to trapeze. It definitely helps develop trust in yourself and others. You will find a nuturing and supportive community at this studio.
— Miriam Moreno-Pedraja

I loved this new experience. I felt confident and secure and welcomed to this beautiful place.
— Sally Ann Bengasi

Safety, knowledgeable, friendly yet professional staff. The students are all supportive of each other. I have become addicted
— Elena Paterson

Absolutely love this place! Have done a class with Shira and Robyn and both are excellent teachers. They’re very patient while also helping you to do the class to your fullest. Great atmoshere and workout.
— Joanna Sinelli

I absolutely love this place. Every instructor that I have worked with is awesome!!
— Jessica Bonds

I had another amazing experience at Soul Flyte tonight as I was finally able to take my first Air Barre class with Emyli. Everyone in the class was so patient with me as I attempted to learn the technique. Emyli is such a talented hands on teacher who truly cares about your growth and comfort level. Everything about the class was wonderful... from the great workout, to the ballet/dance, and of course the flying! Already feeling excited to take this class next week! It took quite a bit to help me to understand how to get into this position, but here I am trying my first ever Giselle pose. Thank you for helping people like me take chances and step out of our comfort zones.
— Amy Lee

Shira is a playful, inspirational, wise and talented yoga and AntiGravity teacher and practitioner. She teaches with an open heart and soul and allows everyone in the room to relax and breathe deeply with her presence. Now with a studio to call her own, Soul Flyte, Shira will have the ability to connect with many more students from all over Rockland, bringing her refreshing and unpretentious teaching style that I have grown to love to the world. Shira is an amazing yogi and I’m proud to call her my wife.
— Chad Rubin

I have been going to Soul Flyte for over a year and I can honestly say it is my favorite workout I have ever done. I attend between 2-4 classes per week and within the first month I was able to see a change in my mind and body. Not only is it a great yoga class but it’s also a great strength class. I feel stronger and happier after every class I attend. Shira, the owner, is so fabulous and makes you feel welcome and comfortable from the very beginning along with the rest of the teachers at Soul Flyte. Many people may not know what Antigravity Aerial Yoga is but if you look up Soul Flyte on Instagram or Facebook the pictures will speak for themselves how cool and awesome the classes are.
— Jillian Singer

Awesome experience!!! Professional and personable instructors. Nice atmosphere.
— Mimi Birnbaum

I had a great experience at Soul Flyte. It’s a clean friendly place. The instructors are there to guide you through to make sure you enjoy yourself in a safe fun way.
— Esther B

This place is absolutely wonderful. I was never a “yogi” but the aerial part makes it fun and exciting. The instructors are amazing and the place is quaint and relaxing. You really do see a lot of progress in your body as you learn more poses and tricks. I recommend this place to all my friends and family, so if you’re thinking about trying aerial yoga out, definitely come here.
— Nicole Ferrara

It is not an exaggeration when I say that heading to Soul Flyte is one of the highlights of my week. All the instructors I’ve met are lovely and very helpful. It’s a great workout and, as a very unflexible, 40 something, I can honestly say I still get so much out of these workouts. Not least because they are just plain fun. Thanks Shira and the gang!
— Rachael Bryant Coombs

Soul Flyte is awesome. I’ve been going now for over a month and am really seeing great results. The instructors are great and encouraging. It’s a great workout while being fun at the same time.
— Mimi B., Monsey, NY

I absolutely love this place! Every time I leave, I’m so relaxed and ready for my day. All the instructors I have taken a class with are super nice and helpful. You also don’t need to have any experience with yoga, they walk you through the moves step by step. I’ve taken several of my friends here and everyone loves it. I highly recommend coming to soul flyte for a class!
— Angela Grace

Soul Flyte has been amazing to me!!!! It’s my favorite workout and it’s changed my life!!! I’ve taken classes with all of the instructors and they’re all amazing and so patient and sweet!!! If you’re looking for a fun place with a nice community to exercise this is the place to go!!!
— Julia Pedraja

Soul Flyte is a great work out and lots of fun too!!!!
— Judi Bundick

I love Soul Flyte!!!  

I have not been able to stick to any exercise regimen/class for a variety of different reasons.  I often used being “”busy”” as an excuse.  However, my life is the most busy it has ever been (grad school, internship, full-time work) and I am up to three visits a week at this point.  With other types of fitness classes, I used to struggle to go to JUST ONE class a week when I wasn’t even half as busy.  Going to the gym was something that I hated doing but forced myself to do.  I don’t feel that way with Soul Flyte.  The hammock is so fun!  I feel like a ninja, a circus performer, or probably just more like a kid.  

Every instructor so far has been so helpful, patient, and empowering. I like that classes are small and intimate.  I feel like it leaves some room for some individual attention.  [Although, this might not be the case for much longer because there is a rumor that the studio is moving and expanding.]  

The concept of aerial yoga seems so intimidating but Jenevieve, Robyn, Kate, and Shira make the atmosphere welcoming and pressure-free.  Poses and moves can be modified based on the individual.  I highly recommend.
— Ashley Mosgrove

I quickly became addicted to AntiGravity once I tried and I’ve been a student at SoulFlyte since they opened. It’s a friendly, boutique studio with great teachers and classes for all levels. I am not a traditional yogi, or an athlete. I like finding new ways to get a relaxing and fun workout without the gym-timidation, so SoulFlyte is a perfect fit for me. I highly recommend it. To anyone who wants to try, but is hesitant, this is a very welcoming, supportive environment. Don’t be afraid to give it a shot. Your spine will thank you :)
— Jessica Bowen

I love being upside down! Shira and Robyn are great instructors and it’s my favorite type of exercise.
— Lauren Altman

Wonderful studio with knowledgeable and caring instructors. A small class size and watchful instructor ensure that you receive individual attention. I’ve taken a Fundamentals class with Jenevieve and a Flying Fitness class with Kate, and both of them were great. I really enjoyed hanging upside down; it works wonders for my lower back. If you’ve never tried aerial yoga, look no further: you can’t go wrong at Soul Flyte. And if you’re a seasoned practitioner, you will find classes that push your limits while remaining safe.
— Guillermo R.

I haven’t been one to commit fully to a gym. I usually feel intimidated and unsatisfied after working out at a gym. Until I found antigravity fitness & yoga! If you want to experience a new workout and feel AMAZING, this is for you. Relaxing but also challenging! I definitely grow at least half an inch after every class I take. Also, Soul Flyte creates a great and friendly community and makes learning in the hammock easy. Easy to say that I’ll be back!
— Clarissa H.

Relaxing and Beneficial. My friends and I went as a double date and we had a great experience. It was fun but also calming and it’s definitely something we’ll continue to do.
— Catherine C.

Awesome Place! I did the AirBarre class at Soul Flyte with Robyn and it was so much fun and a great workout. I found out about Soul Flyte when they started following me on Instagram. I was so excited to see there was an aerial yoga/fitness studio in my local area since I have always wanted to try it. I recommend Soul Flyte to anyone who loves yoga, fitness or dance.
— Taylor Deer

Great Workout. I have been attending classes at Soul Flyte for over a year and love them. The classes are fun and you meet some really great people. Love the instructors. I am truly hooked.
— Keisha Mack

This place is about 25 minutes from my house and I like to go on Monday nights to the stretch and restore class. Ruth has a calming presence and I leave feeling stretched out, taller and ready to sleep like a baby. I highly recommend checking it out if you want to take your yoga practice to the next level. Happy that I don’t live too far away and can reap the benefits weekly.
— Pedro T.

Anti-gravity yoga feels amazing. This studio is fantastic: the instructors are well-prepared and do an excellent job engaging both beginner and advanced students. Don’t be intimidated! You can do it! An encouraging atmosphere with fun, unique and challenging fitness options.
— Julia M.

First ever class Saturday and I absolutely LOVED it! As a group fitness and spin instructor as well as personal trainer, I found this the BEST change of pace. Thanks to Lis Grant for the referral. The fascia muscle and back muscle releases are extraordinary. Highly recommend a visit to all - at all levels of fitness. Kate was an amazing guide through it all!! Thanks Kate! I’m booked with two friends for Wednesday at 6pm!! Namaste!
— Paige Niccoll

So addicting and so great for your body! Working out has never been so fun!
— Lenia Jenee

I’ve been here twice now and have been meaning to schedule another class. If you’re into yoga and want a little bit more of a challenge, I definitely recommend you sign up for the new student special! I know it’s a commitment but I wish I did the same thing before going to more classes and consequently not being eligible for the new student discount.

I usually choose the morning slot and have gone to the same instructor twice now. At first I was nervous about the inversions and about not knowing how to move with the hammock. However, the instructor made me feel very comfortable about the whole session. She helped me get situated with a properly measured hammock, and walked me and the class through all of the challenging moves step by step. During this one class in particular, it was just me and my two other friends in attendance. We all had relatively good movement and control within the hammock, so she challenged us with more inversions and stretches that were for a higher difficulty class. I really liked how she could gauge our level of ability and kept challenging us. She even took pictures of our group when we did cool inversions.

The studio is super clean and an overall relaxing atmosphere. Our instructor said that the hammocks get checked often for stability and are cleaned so it’s all very regulated. It’s just the perfect environment for getting a good workout and relaxing your mind.

I would definitely go back and schedule more classes, in the future. I sincerely think this is a fantastic way to wake up your body in the morning, and just release any stress you may be carrying with you. The sessions are long enough so that you feel you get your money’s worth. There’s a point during the classes that I can feel myself letting go of my worries and just immerse myself in the practice.
— Maria M.

Went to my first Soul Flyte class today with my sister and had an amazing experience. I was initially intimidated by the thought of doing anti gravity yoga for the first time but my instructor, Jenevieve Louise, made me feel welcome, at ease, and confident by encouraging and patiently teaching me the fundamentals step by step throughout the entire class. I left with a sense of mindfulness, gratitude, and overall wellbeing. If you’re looking for a new yoga/fitness routine to discover the power, excitement, and pure joy of moving freely that is lead by a team of truly dedicated and knowledgeable instructors, I HIGHLY suggest Soul Flyte!
— Jessica Farrenkopf

Wife and I did a hike and yoga with Jenevieve and it was amazing. It was more yoga than hike which was fine by us. We went up Hook Mountain through Rockland State Park which was a good warmup for yoga. She is an amazing teacher whose guidance made the experience worthwhile. Very down to earth and provided some delicious tea on the brisk morning we went for the hike.
Haven’t made it to the studio yet for a class but that will be done very soon!
— Richard L.

Lovely studio. Both instructors I have tried are highly knowledgeable, careful, and gentle. They really helped with everything I was nervous about and it was challenging and a zen experience all at once.
— Emily Klein

Great way to decompress, both literally and figuratively. Very much enjoyed my classes.
— ‎Shayne Macherowski‎

Took my first Soul Flyte class with Robyn. She knew that I was new and was so accommodating. It was a great experience and she is a wonderful teacher. I really enjoyed it.
— Beth Arnold

Love love loved it!! Instructor was amazing!! Can’t wait to go back!! Just had my first class here and it was AWESOME!! Small class - very personal atmosphere, everything was wonderful, and the instructor was AMAZING - very helpful and patient!! Loved it!!
— Patricia Evans

I love Soul Flyte! Been going since they opened! Such wonderful people and they are so great with helping when you have no idea what to do! Haha love you guys!!
— Raquel Macri

Soul Flyte is so much fun! I was looking for an interesting fitness class in the area and was very happy to find them. The teachers are very supportive and their workshops are great! You will be surprised how much you can do in the hammock even in your very first class!
— Katrina Lent

I decided to start 2017 right, and treat myself to the new student special ($40 for a month, unlimited classes). I do not regret it! This has been the BEST experience in fitness for me... I’ve taken 4 classes so far and am already signed up for classes for the rest of my month! I walk away from each class feeling revitalized in mind, body and spirit. Each instructor has made me feel welcome and encouraged me to do my best. I look forward to learning new tricks and improving my fitness at Soul Flyte!
— Jackie R.

I absolutely love this place and their technique! Classes are very intimate (which I enjoy), you work and stretch your strong muscles in a challenging, yet refreshing way. And best of all, you get to flips and hang upside down! I’m currently using the new member monthly unlimited package and I will definitely become a regular after it runs out. If you sit behind a desk all day, you must try Soul Flyte!
— Ann Marie Gorden

I will never forget my first inversion. Each class is such a treat, thrilling and also relaxing. The instructors are wonderfully competent and dedicated. Come challenge yourself and have fun!
— Stephanie L

I had a wonderful time, for a first timer. The instructor was very gracious to help me when I struggled with the upside down poses, can’t wait to go back!!!
— Nathalie Suffrin

Challenging and awesome and painful....but it gets better. :)
— Dana Diamond

I was so nervous going into the class, as I had never done Yoga before, but my first class was perfect! They walked you through everything and the teacher was so patient! She was extremely encouraging and also made me feel as ease if I did not want to invert. The small class also really makes it more intimate and relaxing! I have been going every weekend I can and I feel great after!
— Katrina Misa

I’ve been going here for a few weeks now and I love it! all the instructors are amazing and you really leave feeling very zen!! I would recommend it to anyone, I really look forward to my Saturday classes with Kate!
— Samantha Misa

My favorite place to be. So happy I came across Soul Flyte!
— Nyasia Burrell

Great time and great place. The instructors are not only so helpful but extremely patient with each and every student. Never thought I would enjoy hanging upside down as much as I did. I recommend everyone give Soul Flyte a try. :)
— Stephanie Santos