Meet the Staff

Shira Turkl-Rubin

Shira Turkl-Rubin started Soul Flyte from scratch. Her knowledge of yoga, fitness, digestive health, body awareness, meditation and nutrition lead her here to this very moment when she decided to open her own studio in a bustling town filled with curious, open minded people. Shira is an E-RYT 200 and 500 hour certified yoga instructor with specialties in AntiGravity®, restorative, kids, digestive yoga, vinyasa and hatha. The market in Nyack is ripe for change and AntiGravity® yoga and fitness has the ability to create excitement and buzz that will keep you flying high for days after class. Shira has used the AntiGravity® technique to rehabilitate her neck as well as her belly. She has suffered from ulcerative colitis since 2007 and the act of tipping herself upside down daily - without the pressure on her neck of a headstand or regular handstand - has brought her major relief. Shira is more then excited to share this new technique with Rockland County. 

Join her for a fundamentals, flying fitness or restorative class today! Since space is limited, please don’t forget to sign up!


Jenevieve Louise


Jenevieve discovered the magic of yoga, witnessing its ability to transform and heal. In her journey as a 200-hr RYT & Certified AntiGravity® teacher, she fell in love with the benefits of going upside down. She believes yoga is for everyone at any stage of life and wants to share the freedom of inversion therapy that the AntiGravity® hammocks allow. As an Esthetician, she can attest to the anti-aging benefits that inverting has on the skin, refreshing the circulatory system for a glowing complexion. Her classes take a creative approach in guiding students to connect to their breath to help awaken and celebrate life. Jenevieve enjoys cultivating a higher level of self confidence and personal wellness with her students, and encourages them to take an interest in their bodies and minds as a long term investment in their health and well being.

Ruth Samuel

Ruth's love for yoga goes back many years, before yoga was as popular as it is today. She taught Hatha yoga to adults who were trying to reduce their stress levels. The practice of yoga became a life's journey for her. Ruth is also a psychotherapist in private practice in New Jersey and Manhattan. Her style of psychotherapy fits very well with the philosophy of presence and connecting breath with mind body awareness. When she became certified as an AntiGravity® yoga/fitness instructor she knew that this was the perfect fit and realized that this practice was the road to her recovery from neck injuries and overstretched muscles. The act of inverting with zero compression on her spine re-calibrates her body, releases happy hormones and makes her feel renewed and refreshed each time!

Join her for a relaxing, restorative class where you'll "hang out" and de-stress together!



Leigh has always had a love for fitness, movement, and stepping outside the box to try something new. She has spent many years skiing, snowboarding, and playing roller derby. She is a Level 1 and CrossFit Kids Certified Coach as well as a 200 hour RYT. She found AntiGravity in an attempt to continue to expand her horizons. Immediately following her first class she felt the benefits that the zero compression inversions had on her chronic back pain. She's been hooked ever since! Leigh is a Certified AntiGravity instructor and loves that she can share the numerous benefits that this modality has with her students. Come "hang" out with her!



Truly believing that fitness should be fun and interesting, as well as effective, AntiGravity® yoga has become the perfect fit for Robyn. She has been a Group Fitness Instructor for over a decade now and holds certifications through AFAA, Turbo Kick, PiYo, Booty Barre and AntiGravity®. Also an actress, singer & dancer, she has performed regionally, nationally and internationally. She feels that everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own body and strives to help people find a way to achieve this through her own love of fitness and movement. Join her in class soon!



Kate grew up in a fitness family, with her parents owning a local gym for close to 40 years.  For over 10 years, Kate has been a fitness instructor who has held certifications from AFAA, Les Mills, PiYo® LIVE, and now AntiGravity®.  She is also working towards her Booty Barre certification and her Personal Training recertification. Kate previously worked in corporate America, but always continued to teach fitness classes.  Although fitness has always been a part of Kate’s life, AntiGravity® is what brought her “home”.  AntiGravity® truly blended the mind-body connection and made her more present and self-aware.  This connection was the catalyst for Kate’s decision to leave corporate America, making a full-time commitment to the fitness industry and helping others in their own fitness journey.  



Laurie Miller-Donnis, RYT-200, CAGI, is thrilled to join the Soul Flyte team! Laurie has been practicing yoga since 2010 and received her teacher certification through Yoga Alliance in 2015 under the tutelage of Mandy Grant. Laurie became a Certified AntiGravity® Instructor (CAGI) in 2016 while studying under Creator Christopher Harrison and Senior Instructor Eileen Kielty. Laurie teaches yoga to adults and kids around Bergen County. In her spare time, she is a singer in KNOB, a Bergen County-based classic and alternative rock cover band. In each of her classes, Laurie encourages wellness, body awareness, balance, strength, flexibility and levity. She can't wait to "Fly High" with you!



Nicole is a certified yoga instructor currently receiving her 300 hour advanced training certification. Yoga and fitness have always been an important part of life for her, and she is passionate about sharing the benefits with as many people as possible. She was certified in AntiGravity in 2016 and sees the modality of AntiGravity as a way to workout, heal, decompress, and keep the spine and body young and rejuvenated. Her style of teaching is informative and fun, focusing on students needs and guiding them to happily surprise themselves over and over again. Nicole is also an ashtanga yogi, spin enthusiast, vinyasa teacher, and works with underprivileged middle school students teaching them yoga and nutrition.



Diane Finkelday has been teaching fitness for over 32 years. Before that she was a dancer, performer, & athlete. In the beginning of her career she worked in NYC with many gifted individuals that have made the fitness industry what it is today. When she first began teaching there were no Pilates or Barre Certifications just the original studios of Joseph Pilates and Lotte Burke, the original Barre – she took classes at both. Since that time she became certified in Pilates Apparatus and mat certification, 200 hour Yoga Certified, Numerous Barre Certifications, Personal training, National Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA), National Group fitness/ kickboxing/personal trainer- certification through AFAA. Cycling through Schwinn and Spinning with Mad Dog. 

Barre has always been the training that has put me back together when I had injuries or surgeries or was just plain in need of an uplifting, focused, safe and effective workout. Anyone can participate in Barre and gain success. Come by and give it a shot!!!



Kiara is a 200-hr RYT and brings her practice with her on and off the mat and hammock. Her journey of yoga began with Soul Flyte, when she stepped in through the door and began practicing. Instantaneously, she became enamored with the apparatus, the teachers, and the community that is Soul Flyte. Her emphasis in life is to create happiness for herself and help show others the tools to gain that same space in their hearts. Other than being a yogi, Kiara is an artist and a singer. Can't wait to fly with you all! Namaste.