Spa Services

What We Offer:

Private yoga 1-hour $85
Private aerial yoga 1-hour $85
Private Fix Your Belly Blues: Yoga, diet, meditation and breathing techniques 1-hour $85
Private Restorative yoga 1-hour $85

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage: A deeply therapeutic technique designed to pull stress out of tired muscles with strong and vigorous pressure. Targets sore spots, knots and muscle tension from sports, exercise, repetitive stress and overexertion. Pressure can be adjusted to clients comfort level. $105/75min

Shiatsu: Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu is a pressure point massage done on mats on the floor using fingers, thumbs and palms along the energetic meridians of the body. Deeply relaxing, it opens up and balances the body’s energy flow to promote a strong sense of well-being. $105/60 mins

Thai massage: This ancient technique combines acupressure, stretching, gentle rocking movements and simple yoga postures to stimulate blood flow, relieve muscle tension and re-energize the mind and body. Practiced on mats on the floor. Please wear comfortable clothing. $105/90min

Craniosacral: The craniosacral system is another physiological system in the body like the cardiac or respiratory system. Through gentle hands on sensing of this rhythm and specifically where it is absent or weakened, a practitioner can treat the area of stagnation. This involves listening to the body with the hands through a series of different techniques involving very light pressure and using the subtle movement of bones and perception of imbalance in the tissue as guides. This is a bodywork session, not massage. Please wear comfortable clothing. $105/60 mins

Reiki: In this hands on energy healing session, the practitioner uses intuition based modalities to help the body relax, bring peace, release stuck energy and create a sense of calm in the body and mind. This Japanese modality is meant to relieve stress as well as open the mind, and create a safe space within. Come with an open mind and heart. $65/45min

Facials $120/75min