Prepping for Flyte

Signing up

If you haven't been to Soul Flyte yet, please bring your ID. We have 5 hammocks in one studio and 11 in another, which must be reserved ahead of time. Please signup online before coming to class, that way you'll know for sure that there will be space for you. If you get on the wait-list and a hammock opens up, you’ll receive an email AND a personal phone call from the Flyte staff. If we call you from the wait-list and you can’t make it, you won’t be charged. We hate turning people away so make sure to sign up HERE.

What to wear

If you’ve never flown before at Soul Flyte we suggest wearing a t-shirt with sleeves and form fitting pants on the bottom. Please leave any belts, buckles, clips, zippers and jewelry at home so they don’t snag our hammocks. Please refrain from using strong smelling perfumes or lotions before coming to class and leave the tanning lotion behind.


Please come to class on an empty stomach. If you eat beforehand you might feel sick during class – and that’s not fun for everyone involved.

Arrive Early

Nothing’s worse then coming to fly for your fist time and not knowing where to go, what to do and how to measure your hammock. If you arrive 10 minutes before class, we’ll have ample time to set you up properly so you can breathe easy and not be flustered for the first half of class.

How does it work when I get there? 

When you arrive at the studio please leave your shoes on the rack, hang up your coat and check in at the desk. We will help you sign in, fill out newbie paperwork and get you acquainted with your hammock.


Please practice proper hygiene before and during your time at Soul Flyte. We take pride in how clean our studio is. Please respect our space by keeping yourself clean so we can keep our hammocks and mats clean as well.