What is Barre?

In this full body, low impact workout, we’ll use light weights, isometric movements, body weight and the use of a stationary bar to tone, lift and sculpt your arms, legs, booty, abs and so much more! We fuse pilates, yoga and ballet for an all out intense workout that will leave you feeling incredibly strong and fit.

Our classes are taught by trained barre instructors who want to see you succeed. They know how to help you modify and help you listen to your body. Each class will include a warm up, light weights, bar work, core strengthening, a touch of cardio, warm down and relaxation. It’s the perfect way to change the shape of your body in a fun atmosphere with music that will get you moving and inspired.

Barre is open to all levels:  dancers, yogis, Pilates enthusiasts, gym rats, crossfitters and everyone in between! Even if you haven’t stepped foot in a studio for a long time, we’re here to help!

We’re a NO judgement zone.

You’ll love our community, join us today!